Picture framing service

Norfolk Framing, also based at 3 Church Street Cromer, offers expert framing for paintings, prints, posters, photographs, cross stitches, embroideries and just about anything else you want on your wall.

Combining care and craftsmanship with a creative eye and sensitivity to your artwork - The Gallery Norfolk delivers a superb framing service at a very reasonable price.

We will take time to discuss exactly what kind of result you are looking for and to take you through the different options for the frame, the mount and even the glass.

Our bespoke frames, handmade on the premises at The Gallery Norfolk, will do more than show off your artwork to its best; they will also help keep it in optimum condition, since we make sure to employ techniques and materials that respect our customers’ treasured possessions.

Expert framing techniques that respect your artwork

Some framers employ techniques that can damage artwork over time. Our chosen methods ensure that your collector's item stays in optimum condition for years to come.

We can work to conservation standards if required, using the methods preferred by museums - we recommend it for pieces you would like to keep for future generations, such as precious limited edition prints and items of sentimental value.

Limited Edition silk Screen print 'North Norfolk Coast' by Andy Lovell 6/25

Framing your needlework

Tapestry, embroidery and cross-stitch pieces deserve expert framing. We prepare fabric items meticulously, stretching them gently across the mount-board and then attaching them to the backing with a few careful stitches. We use no glue or tape, and all the methods we use are reversible.

 Original drawing by Julia McKenzie

 Frame mouldings

We stock a wide selection of classic and contemporary frame mouldings – and if by any chance we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we will be happy to order it for you.

At the gallery you can choose from:

  • Plain woods - pine, ash, oak or obeche with painted or limed finishes available
  • Wood veneers
  • Gold / silver: painted, distressed or leaf finish
  • Contemporary black/white
  • Aluminium sections (available to order)


So that you can choose exactly the right colour of mount board, we hold a wide selection in stock. Once again, we will be happy to order further options if needed.


In addition to conventional glass and non-reflective picture glass, we offer the option of special glass that is virtually free of reflections and also provides protection from harmful ultra-violet rays.