PUNK+ Photographs by Sheila Rock

Photography exhibition at the Gallery Norfolk, 60 St Giles, Norwich NR2 1LW. 10th-25th November.

New York - London - Paris - Norwich. 

World famous punk exhibition comes to the Lanes. 

PUNK+ runs from November 10th to 25th at The Gallery Norfolk, 60 St Giles, NR2 1LW. 

In a year that the UK music press are celebrating the 40th anniversary of punk rock, an exhibition showcasing the movement's most notorious bands heads to the Norwich Lanes this November. Legendary photographer, Sheila Rock, captured bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Siouxsie and the Banshees in their formative years and now thanks to a twist of fate, her images which have toured some of the biggest cities in the world and adorned the pages of some of the most famous publications, are taking to the walls of The Gallery Norfolk, on St Giles Street in the Norwich Lanes. 

 Sheila Rock was born in Hawaii and moved to New York in her twenties where she married photographer Mick Rock. She was drawn to the camera while on tour with her husband covering David Bowie's first tour of the USA. They moved to London in the early 70s and therefore was perfectly placed to capture U.K punk bands in their infancy. Pieces of her work are on permanent display around the world including the National Portrait Gallery in London. 

 By the early 1990s Sheila was well established as a fashion, pop and rock photographer, working all over the world. Polly Miller, Art Director at EMI's classical department, commissioned Sheila to photograph the famous tenor Placido Domingo and the pair became close friends and worked regularly together until in 2012, when Polly gave up the hustle and bustle of London, to open a gallery in Cromer on the Norfolk Coast. A few years later Polly opened another gallery bearing the same name in Norwich. Soon after this the friends decided to collaborate again and bring Sheila's Punk exhibition to the city.

The Sheila Rock exhibition PUNK+ is showing at The Gallery Norfolk and includes over 20 prints of some of her most iconic images including Johnny Rotten, Debbie HarryThe ClashSiouxsie Sioux and Jordan. Visitors will also have the chance to buy signed copies Sheila's much lauded book, Punk+.