New Artist Julia McKenzie

The Gallery Norfolk artist Julia McKenzie has had her limited edition print Garden selected for a recent show called ‘Bite’ at the Mall galleries in London.

The show has selected 200 pieces out of a massive 1500 entrants so this is a great result for Julia.

Julia’s work starts by drawing and recording what she can find in her immediate environment, looking for natural forms that have been eroded, buffeted and broken down such as the residues and husks of animals, plants or minerals that have survived long enough to be found again and examined. They could be a day old or a million years.

Julia finds the same beauty in the fragility of a dragonfly wing to the etched pattern on the fossilised remains of an urchin found on the banks the river Thames. They share much more than they do not. They are both easily missed if you are not looking for them.

Julia also has work showing In Tehran this summer in a show called London Calling alongside artists Jamie Reid and Joe Strummer.


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Limited edition screen print by Julia McKenzie 7/30 Credit: Julia McKenzie