Shyama Ruffell

Paintings described as “A cocktail of William Morris, Mackintosh and Rousseau in an English meadow, with a splash of Klimt and a squeeze of Jungle Book.”

I was born into the world of fine art and private views as both my parents are fine artists.

I remember being entranced by the pigments and palettes at my eye level as I stood in my fathers studio at the table watching him work at mixing colours.

I first exhibited my work at the age of seven .

We lived in the heart of the Sussex countryside and the soft rolling hills of the South Downs along with the textures of nature and my passion for pattern influenced my decision to study textiles design specializing in print and surface pattern.

I continued my career as a design assistant and co-ordinator of a fashion business before becoming a freelance textile designer working for a wide range of companies including Sandersons, Oasis, Sefridges and Hennes.

Later I was invited to be a lecturer at the London College Of Fashion and Northbrook Art College. During this time I maintained my own art practice as a fine artist and consultant showing my work at various galleries and art fairs.

I have been lucky enough to travel quite extensively.

The colours , smells, scale , ornamentation and diversity of all of the different cultures I have visited continue to be a huge inspiration, along with a sense of drama and humour about fashion, and the importance of shoes , handbags and hedgerows.