Curious Creatures and Baffling Birds!

Newly arrived at The Gallery Norfolk is a collection of Curious Creatures and Baffling birds from Herefordshire based artist Anya Keeley.

Anya describes her work as one-off artefacts using found and reclaimed objects and wire which are inspired by fairy tales, nursery rhymes and curiosities found in the natural world.

Anya’s works by shaping the wire, soldering and hammering it to form the basis of dioramas and brush sculptures, which are then covered with vintage paper,  ephemera and then varnished.

She also has a fascination with typography and words, often creating a small collage of news clippings to name and describing her works –

Annie Laurie was no ordinary animal. OH! The pretty, pretty creature!

artefact by Anya Keeley

Artefact by Anya Keeley

A wren

A wren