Ruth Bunnewell

Ruth Bunnewell joins The Gallery Norfolk.

We are delighted to welcome a new artist - Ruth Bunnewell - to The Gallery Norfolk.

Ruth's beautiful and thoughtful landscapes aim to capture the atmosphere connected to a place in a fleeting moment in time. 

Says Ruth, “I am interested in the notion that certain places have memories attached to them, and in the way that these memories alter emotions connected to, and perceptions of, a place. Although this is the basis for a lot of my work, I want the aesthetics of each piece to be of equal importance, allowing the work to stand up based on this quality alone”. 

Those familiar with The Gallery Norfolk artist list will note that Ruth has the same surname as the gallery’s top selling artist Leon Bunnewell, who is actually her father. Plans for the future include an exhibition with Leon and Ruth this autumn, date to be announced in the coming weeks.

oil on canvas
oil on canvas