Sheringham to Yarmouth - an Easterly Perspective.

East Norfolk through the eyes of eight local painters – including six members of the
East Anglian Group of Marine Artists.
27th March - 21st April



From 27th March 2015 to 21st April, ‘Sheringham to Yarmouth - An Easterly Viewpoint’ will show some 40 paintings, focusing on the Eastern corner of Norfolk, from Sheringham to Yarmouth, and including the Norfolk Broads. This breezy, rural area, with its sometimes austere landscape, has long attracted and fascinated artists, particularly for its light, which Lowestoft-born Richard Dack, Chairman of the East Anglian Group of Marine Artists (EAGMA), describes as “ethereal, shifting and delicate, different to anywhere else in the UK”.

The idea for the exhibition grew from a discussion that Polly Miller, who runs The Gallery Norfolk, had with two marine artists whose paintings have become identified with the gallery: Gareth Jones, whose imagery evokes breaking waves, and Su Chisnell, a seasoned sailor whose work captures the grace and dynamism of yachts. Joining Jones and Chisnell in ‘Sheringham to Yarmouth - An Easterly Viewpoint’ are six members of EAGMA:  Richard Dack, Paul Darley, Andrew King, Patrick Boswell, Raymond Leech and Jane Cort. Their eminence in their chosen artistic field is affirmed by the initials after their names, such as RSMA (Royal Society of Marine Artists) and ROI (Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI).

About the East Anglian Group of Marine Artists

In 1979 six amateur and professional marine painters met at the famous "Butt and Oyster" pub at Pin Mill on the banks of the River Orwell, Suffolk. Inspired by the surroundings and a shared enthusiasm for depicting the maritime scene, the East Anglian Group of Marine Artists was brought into being. Soon, others were invited to join, amongst them some well-known and highly regarded artists with a leaning towards East Coast subject matter. An inaugural exhibition was held in Ipswich early the following year, since when the group has gone from strength to strength with a steady improvement in standards and diversity.