Dark Matters

Thought-provoking art by Jackie Almond, Jill Desborough, Molly Garnier and Chloe Mandy. 1 - 17 December 2016

Four East Anglian painters whose work, whilst quite diverse, starts with a consideration of what has just happened - or what might be about to happen. The pictures all have a storytelling element to themwhich sometimes can be a little unsettling or mysterious.


Jackie Almond

 Jackie’s paintings reflect a preoccupation with the empty room and a stillness which creates the atmosphere.  A sense of the past, present and future within the walls.  Who has been sitting on the chair?  Sleeping in the bed?  And literature probably inspires her more than anything else – her pictures are a silent narrative.


Jill Desborough

 The theatrical and bizarre is the starting point for Jill’s work. She draws on her imagination and has a fascination for fairy tales and mythology – celebrating the idiosyncrasies and sometimes the darker reaches of what makes us human.


Molly Garnier

 Molly’s subtle smoky nude paintings feel like they are half glimpsed through darkness. They are like a window into an intimate domestic setting, the sitter’s identity being gently obscured. Inspired by C19th sepia photographs, the subtleties of light, colour and depth.


Chloe Mandy

 Chloe’s landscapes and still life’s search for imagery that works on more than one level, a layering of meaning. Her paintings are not just a direct response to what she sees, they are also about what the eye can’t perceive. The great Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich said “the painter should not solely paint what he sees, but also what he sees in himself” and this thinking is a great influence on Chloe’s work.

Oil on canvas