Andy Lovell - Land, Sea and all in between

At The Gallery Norfolk, 60 St Giles Street, Norwich NR2 1 LW
6-24th May 2017

This exhibition of screenprints and monotypes is the culmination of 3 year’s work drawing in the English country and seaside en plein air, by the artist Andy Lovell. Norfolk has been a favourite destination for Andy and there are 2 brand new prints on show from his last visit earlier this year.

 Andy’s love of drawing and painting uses a multitude of skills acquired from a career in illustration and image making. There is plenty of texture and movement in his work and the use of colour is sensitive, sometimes bold and always considered - layer upon layer of subtleties.

 Trees, of all shapes and sizes are a strong theme throughout this exhibition. Says Andy of the large monotypes titles ‘Arboreal’ “I got obsessed with the trees on my daily dog walk – they turned into a series of six very large works entitled ‘Arboreal’. Even on grey, dingy days, the colour of the bark was luminous, almost fluorescent. I felt compelled to try to convey the power and might of these enormous trees through isolating and abstracting them - I was drawn to the exposed trunks that resemble dinosaur feet.”

Other Norfolk inspired screenprints such as ‘Felbrigg Victory V’ portray the dramatic avenue of beech trees planted by the last owner of Felbrigg Hall to commemorate VE day and the death of his brother in the war. And Felbrigg Trees show the wintery curled branches of the oak trees on the estate under brooding Norfolk skies.

Andy’s practice combines working from his studio at home and a local well equipped print studio. “It’s a rare and wonderful thing to have the use of traditional printing presses with facilities for lithography, screen printing, letterpress, etching and so on. There’s a physicality to printing, I’m an impatient artist – I want to get things down quickly. When you peel the ghost print off the plate, it’s incredibly exciting.” 

Everything on show is a limited edition piece and prices range from £240 to £1,400 – they are wonderful, affordable and covetable.

The Gallery Norfolk 60 St Giles Street Norwich NR2 1LW 01603 761900

Limited edition silkscreen print 560mm x 380mm